Who We Are.

Our Agnes holds a managerial role at No.41 and we are incredibly thankful for her organizational skills. Sister keeps a mean record book.

Agnes is 22 years old and came to the Noel Orphanage in 1994 when her mother was killed in the Genocide and her father wasn’t able to care for the children. Agnes is thankful she has been able to get a good education and study very well.

She is happy to be working at No.41 and she plans to use her money to help buy the materials she needs to study and to help her make a good future. Agnes has big dreams and we know she is more than equipped to achieve them.

Amelie is 20 years old and the sweetest little ball of sunshine. She can talk celebrity gossip and quote High School Musical with the best of them. We still can’t figure out how you fit that much sass into such a small girl.

Amelie is an only child, who never knew her father, so when her mother passed, Amelie was taken to live with her aunt. When she was 11 years old, Amelie asked a friend of her mother to help her come to the Noel Orphanage for a better chance at life; a chance to study and get a good education.

Amelie loves No.41 and considers it a good opportunity to study. “It is good to me and I like it.” We can’t imagine a day without Amelie or her crazy one-liners.

Ange is so precious to us at No.41. We have loved watching her blossom and seeing her sweet and sassy personality come to life. Though the language barrier is difficult, there are no words necessary for this girl’s powerful love.

Ange grew up as an only child living with her grandmother. When her mother passed away in childbirth, her father felt he had no other choice but to let her grandmother raise her. She stayed with her grandmother until she passed away when Ange was 12 years old. Since that time Ange has been passed from family member to family member, never in one place long enough to attend school.

Ange is so happy and thankful for No.41 It’s good for her to have somewhere to work hard and earn money, but more than that, she has found love and a family that she has never known before.

We promise, Angel is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And sister has the fashion sense to back it up.

After losing both of her parents to unknown illnesses when she was very young, she moved in with her aunt and worked her way through secondary school. We are inspired daily by Angel’s strength as she is the primary caregiver for her, now elderly, aunt.

Angel hopes to one day continue her studies, journalism, at a university in America. But for now, she is so thankful for her job at No. 41 and the chance to go to university in Rwanda. She is saving her money to buy a home for her aunt.

Beatrice is hilarious and her laugh is contagious. On top of that, she can also yell louder than anyone you know.

Born in 1988, Bea was only six years old when her mother was killed in the Genocide. Leaving her father with seven children to care for. Unable to do so, he felt he had no choice but to bring the children to the Noel Orphanage.

Sweet Bea says the orphanage is her greatest family. When she is able, she plans to do whatever she can to help the children there.

Beatrice loves No.41 because she can gain skills and earn money. Most recently, Beatrice has enrolled in university and is studying nursing. She says she is going to save her money and maybe share some with her brothers.  Bea found her smile at No.41.

Sweet Chantal is just 19 years old, but sister has soul. Chantal is a beautiful singer and her traditional Rwandan dance skills will blow your mind.

She and her older sister Jose (also working at No.41), and their brother came to the Noel Orphanage in 1994 when both parents were killed in the Genocide. Chantal was just a baby and never known life outside the orphanage. She is thankful to the orphanage for allowing her study well and for keeping her family together.

She likes No.41 so much and she is happy to get knowledge and skills for her good life. Most recently, Chantal has enrolled in university and used her income to move out of the orphanage and into a house nearby.

Clarisse, strong, hardworking, dedicated Clarisse is our resident designer. She holds a managerial role at No.41 and she is absolutely our go-to girl for all things creative. And anything else, really.

Born in 1990, Clarisse came to Noel, at four years of age, when both parents were killed in the Genocide. She is thankful that the orphanage has taken care of her and paid her school fees all these years.

Clarisse is so thankful for No.41, she is happy to be using her special art skills; she gains much happiness by using her hands. We know that Clarisse is destined for greatness and we are so thankful to have her with us.

Clementine is outgoing and friendly, but when it comes to work, she is all business.

Clementine was brought to the Noel Orphanage in 1997, when she was 10 years old. She had been living with her mother, brother and two sisters, but her mother was very poor and she felt it best for Clementine to enter the orphanage so that she could get a good education.

Clementine loves No.41 because it is so nice. The money she makes is going to help her provide for her son, Clement, and the many needs of her family. She hopes it will help her achieve her big dream of going into management. In September, Clementine went into management at No.41

Clementine is a 23-year-old ball of giggles. It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy; she is just plain full of joy.

Clementine is one of four children born to her single mother. Clementine attended school and worked hard around the house until she eventually found herself a job working at the Noel Orphanage. Clementine worked at Noel for 3 years, mothering the toddler girls. It was at Noel that Clementine met her husband, Damcene. The two live together with their 2 year old son, Gesnain.

Clementine is thankful for No.41 for providing her with a job to help with the needs of her family. She would like to use her new sewing knowledge and start a business of her own making traditional Rwandan women’s clothing.

Delice is 21 years old, she speaks excellent English, and is a natural leader.

Born in 1991, Delice was three years old when both of her parents and her four brothers we killed in the Genocide. After being passed around between family members for six years, Delice was brought to the Noel Orphanage. She says that she is thankful that the orphanage gave her somewhere to live, but she plans do her best so she can move out and continue on with a good life.

Delice is thankful for No.41 because she can continue to study while learning a new skill for her life. Delice was awarded the national scholarship to study at the National University of Rwanda. She plans to study Travel and Tourism Management. The sky is the limit for Delice.

Diane is more than a joy to be around. “Customer care” is her number one priority.

At four years of age, Diane was brought to the Noel orphanage in 1994 when both of her parents were killed in the Genocide. She says life in the orphanage was difficult for her because she lived without her family. However, she will always be thankful that they were able to provide a good education for her.

Since starting her job at No.41, Diane has been able to move herself out of the orphanage and enroll in university. Diane is most thankful for her new family and the chance to study English very well.

Donatilla is an absolute delight to be around. Just a look in her direction brings out her sweet giggle.

After spending the first 18 years of her life at the Noel Orphanage, Donatilla was reunified with her grandma in 2005. When her grandma passed away three years later, she was on her own. Another three years later, Donatilla was living alone and pregnant with her son, Lucky.

She is very thankful to No. 41 for providing food and clothes for her son and herself. Donatilla thought with the addition of Lucky she would never have the chance to continue her studies, but with 18-month old Lucky be-bopping around the No.41 offices all day, Donatilla has enrolled in university; she will study Sociology.

If favorites were allowed, Francoise, “Fanny”, might be on someone’s list. Her gigantic smile and sheepish giggle are irresistible. She can also make a mean batch of popcorn.

After both of Fanny’s parents were killed in the Genocide in 1994, at two years of age, Fanny was brought to the Noel Orphanage. She is very thankful to the orphanage for allowing her to go to school and continue to study, but she is ready to make a life for herself.

Since starting her job at No. 41, Fanny has been able to move out of the orphanage and, in October, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The girls voted, and since No.41 wasn’t a suitable name for her boy, Fanny settled on Tarison.

Sweet, happy Flora came to No. 41 to work hard and make a better life for herself and her children.

Twenty-year-old Flora grew up as an orphan that never made her way to the orphanage.  She was shuffled around between family members until, at 16, she found herself pregnant with nowhere to live. Flora had been moving around and working odd jobs to provide for her family when she heard about No. 41.

Life has not been easy for her, but now she is happy for a stable income to provide for her family and a chance to achieve her dreams.

Grace is sweet and bashful, life has not been easy for her, but it has been so fun to watch Grace’s personality come alive.

Grace grew up at the Noel Orphanage from the age of three when both of her parents were killed in the Genocide. She says life in the orphanage was complicated, but the situation worsened when Grace unexpectedly got pregnant at the age of 22 and was asked to leave. With no family and nowhere to go, Grace found work as a live-in housekeeper.

Grace is so thankful to No. 41 and thinks it is a chance to change her life. Her new income has provided a dependable way to care for her sweet baby girl, Maureen. With Maureen in the safe hands of the No. 41 offices, Grace will be headed back to finish her secondary school education in January.

Jeanette is happy-go-lucky and almost never without her smile.

Twenty-four year old Jeanette grew up in our local village with her family, four sisters and one brother. She studied well in secondary school until she became unexpectedly pregnant with her first son. And a second son 3 years later.

Jeanette has always worked to provide for her family, but she is so thankful to No. 41 because she is also able to get knowledge. She plans to save her money and a buy a house.

Very sweet and shy, Josephine “Jose” comes across as reserved, but turn your back for 5 seconds and sister will break it down. (i.e. she will dance your face off.)

Jose, her two brothers and two sisters were orphaned when both their parents were killed in the Genocide in 1994. Twenty-one year old Jose had been living at the Noel Orphanage ever since. She is thankful to the orphanage for keeping her family together and for looking after them all these years.

Jose says she is so happy at No.41 because it’s nice that someone is thinking about them. She is happy to be sewing and making money, with her sister Chantal. Since starting at No.41, Jose has enrolled in university and used her income to move out of the orphanage and into a house nearby.

My goodness, Louisa is such a special girl.

Born a healthy baby girl in 1992, her parents were both killed in the Genocide when Louisa was two years old. Authorities think that sweet baby Louisa spent one month alone among the bodies before being brought to the Noel Orphanage by a French soldier who heard her cries. Because of that time Louisa’s brain never fully developed.

It is near impossible to catch her without a smile; she is very quiet and shy and she asks that you would pray for her to get knowledge. She is sweet and helpful and a very hard worker.

Though she is a lady of few words, she is very happy to be working at No. 41. Many of our girls have found purpose and meaning here, however it’s especially true for our Sweet Louisa who may have never otherwise had a chance.

Katy - what BEAUTIFUL smiles. loved “meeting” these ladies!



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