FOR ONE Day and a Giveaway!!

Happy Monday, y’all!!

Because it’s Monday, and because our power is still out, and because I love y’all so much,
we have some really exciting things to tell you about.

First, FOR ONE Day!

On 4-1 Day, we would love for you to join us for a day of fasting, if you can, praying, if you do, and we are asking you to donate the cost of ONE meal, if you would. Our feeding program provides lunch for one child for just 25 cents a day! How much do you spend on lunch?

$1 feed 4 children for one day,

$5 feeds 20 children, and

$10 feeds 40 children!

AND it gets better!
I know what you are thinking, Holy cow! We are already changing the world, what could be better than that?! I know, I know.
We are doing a giveaway!! Of some of our very favorite handmade-in-Rwanda things!!
Your lovely little prize pack includes: A No.41 apron, a hand woven basket from a local women’s co-op, a ceramic mug from a local men’s co-op, Pfunda tea from the plantation across the street from our house, Kivu Bourbon coffee from Lake Kivu region in Gisenyi, 3 bracelets, and a paper bead necklace.
So, here’s what you need to do to enter: Click here and ‘like’ No.41 on Facebook. Once you have done that, make sure you share 4-1 Day with your friends, here. Finally, donate the cost of your lunch on April 1st, here. And you’re done! Make sure you leave a comment below for each of your entries.
And for you overachievers, for additional entries: follow @no41 on instagram. Follow No.41 on twitter here. Follow my blog on bloglovin’ here. Follow Alison’s blog on bloglovin’ here. Again, comment below for each of your entries.
**drawing will be held on April 2nd, and your prize will ship back to the States at the end of April.
We are so, so excited and we hope that you are, too!! We think this could be huge for these kids!
Have a great week!!

Nicole Savage - Tara,
how fun! Hope I win
I follow your blog
Have liked you guys on FB
and I re-posted this on FB as well as my blog this morning!
And I am about to donate

Good Luck today!

Jordan Burt - Donated my lunch :)

Jordan Burt - Shared on fb

Jessica Drake - Just figured out how to follow you on Instagram, you learn something new everyday :-)

Jordan Burt - Liked in FB!

Jessica Drake - Just started following you on Twitter too!

Jessica Drake - I have shared 4-1 day on facebook (twice)!

Jessica Drake - I like/love you on facebook!

Megan - I followed Alison on BlogLovin.

Megan - I followed you on BlogLovin.

Megan - I made a donation.

Megan - I shared the event on FB.

Megan - I like you on FB.

abra clampitt - following on instagram. (i’m @betterthancupcakes)

abra clampitt - just shared the even on facebook. :)

abra clampitt - just “liked” on Facebook. this is really great, and humbling. thank you.

Alyanna Johnson - I just donated for 4-1 and liked No. 41 on Facebook. I’m sharing it on twitter as we speak.

Krista - Followed Alison’s blog!

Krista - I am following Tara’a blog!

Krista - I just donated the cost of my lunch for 4-1.

Krista - I am following @no41 on Instagram.

Krista - I shared the 4-1 event on FB.

Krista - I liked No. 41 on Facebook!

brandi - trying to donate, but having paypal issues. am i the only one?

Brandi - follow you on twitter

Brandi - Shared your event on Facebook

Brandi - Love y’all on Facebook! ;)

Kristin Thomson - I donated my lunch money!

Kristin Thomson - I’m following 4-1 on Twitter (@ilikeyourcamel)

Kristin Thomson - I shared the 4-1 event with friends on FB!

Kristin Thomson - I “liked” 4-1 on FB!

Stephanie - Just donated the cost of my lunch for 4-1 Day :D

Stephanie - Followed Alison’s blog!

Stephanie - I followed Tara’s blog!

Stephanie - I follow @no41_org on Twitter (@steph_wilkie)

Stephanie - Shared the ‘FOR ONE child, FOR ONE meal: 4-1 Day’ event with my FB friends!

Stephanie - Liked No.41 on FB :)

Stephanie - I follow No.41 on instagram!

Beth Cupitt - liked on facebook.

Tara - Thank you, Glynda!

Tara - Thank you so much, Megan!! Good luck on the giveaway! :)

Megan - Followed Allison on bloglovin’!

Megan - Followed you on bloglovin’!

Megan - Followed No. 41 on Instagram!

Megan - Liked No. 41 on facebook!

Megan - I just found your blog and have to say- love the work that you all are doing!

tara - and i donated my lunch for next monday. now i’ll try to remember not to eat.

tara - i follow y’all on twitter.

tara - i follow No.41 in instagram.

tara - i shared with my friends on fb.

tara - i love this! 4/1 … clever. :]
i like No.41 on facebook.

Glynda Fry Stewart - Love your mission

Courtney - Followed Alison’s blog!

Courtney - Followed your blog!

Courtney - Followed No.41 on twitter!

Courtney - Followed No.41 on instagram!

Courtney - Donating my lunch cost on 4-1!

Courtney - Shared 4-1 day with my friends!

Courtney - Liked No.41 on Facebook!

Nicki - I follow both of your blogs through Google Reader.

Nicki - I follow on Instagram

Nicki - Donated the cost of lunch

Nicki - I shared the April 1st event with friends.

Nicki Smith - I love this idea and hope that it brings attention to the great need that needs to be met where you girls are. And I know I love my no. 41 bag and Mia loves her backpack. I also keep my card in my Bible and pray often for Patrice :)

So, for the entries. I have already liked you on Facebook.

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